Magic has been watched with amazement by people for long period of time. Magicians and illutionists have been able to create stunning and wonderful feeling in the mind of people.
David Copperfield is one of the best magician and illusion in the world.
One of the dangerous and greatest magic trick of David Copperfield is Death saw illusion. In this magic illusion, David Copperfied cut himself into half and then join his body back to one piece. This is one of the amazing magic stage show of David Copperfield.
David Copperfield has performed lot of magic tricks and illusion. David Copperfield had made the Status of Liberty disappear and re-appear in one of his famous magic trick. David Copperfield has walked between the Great Wall of Illusion. In one of his famous magic trick, David Copperfield fly like a bird in his Leviation trick.
I think one of the great sucess of the magicians are practise. Sometimes it takes years and years to perform a trick well. I have read in some books that some magicians practise for around two to three years before they actually does the trick.
Magic is always an amusing thing to watch. Most times the secret of the magic lies in the performances of the magician and their ability to distract the people from learning the secret of magic.
The sucess of the magic is that some of the magic tricks cannot be guessed and the secret of the magic tricks remains secret forever.

Monday, April 6, 2015

One of the greatest illusions that I saw of the magician David Copperfield was the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty.  It is one of my favorite videos of the magic tricks and most probably most people do like watching this trick of David Copperfield again and again with a very good performance he does while doing the trick.